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Welcome to the Roland Australia VIP EXPRESS Signup page. If you work as a sales-person in the Roland Australia authorised dealer network, please fill out the form below to sign up and become a member:
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Both the Store Manager named above as well as the Principal Store Owner of my place of employment have approved my participation in the VIP-EXPRESS program.

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Rules and Conditions

January, 2010 (Please scroll the following text box to read the entire Rules and Conditions:)

Duration of Incentive Scheme

The Roland VIP EXPRESS incentive program commences January 1st 2010. Notification of conclusion of the program will be given 1 month prior.

Eligibility for participation

The principal, manager and sales staff of an authorised Roland dealer as enrolled by the principal or manager and registered by Roland Corporation Australia. Participation is by registration only.

Accrual of VIP EXPRESS points only commences once the registration form has been completed and approved.

Eligible Products

The specific Roland, Boss and Edirol products as detailed in the Roland VIP EXPRESS Price List/Points Schedule, which is available online at www.rolandcorp.com.au

Points Definition

“Points Earned” and “Points Claimed” refers to the number of VIP EXPRESS points earned for the sale of each specific product sold. Refer to the VIP EXPRESS “Points Schedule”.

“Points to Redeem” refers to the total number of VIP EXPRESS points required to earn a specific product reward. Refer to the VIP EXPRESS “Points Schedule”.

Earning VIP EXPRESS Points

Each registered member can earn points by selling Roland, Boss and Edirol products and submitting the sales data online at www.rolandcorp.com.au

Contact the Roland VIP EXPRESS Administrator for your Username and Password.

VIP EXPRESS Points have no monetary value and may not be transferred, traded or on-sold in any way.

“Pooling” points by multiple sales staff is not allowed and any VIP EXPRESS members who engage in this activity will be disqualified from the program and have their points cancelled.

Products redeemed may not be traded or on-sold in any way.

VIP points will only apply to products sold during the duration of the program. Points claimed for products sold prior to 2010 will not be approved. Points may only be used to redeem awards during the period of the promotion. Any VIP point balances outstanding at the end of the program automatically expire and as such will not be recognised for any award redemption.

IMPORTANT: Serials Numbers must be submitted to earn VIP EXPRESS points (Except Boss Compact Pedals & Tuners, Accessories).

Members VIP EXPRESS Activity Statements

Each member will is issued with an Online Activity Statement detailing sales and award activity instantly!

Award Claims

Once a member has a point balance available that is equal to or more than the points for the award product/s they require they can make a claim. The award can be requested online using the “Redeem a Product” link on the VIP main page.

IMPORTANT: All Award products must be supplied EX the Roland Corporation Australia warehouse (not EX the dealer’s stock).

Please allow 5 days for the processing of any award claim. Shipment of awards is subject to stock availability.

Points may only be used to redeem awards during the period of the promotion. Any VIP point balances outstanding as at the notified closure date automatically Expire and as such will not be recognised for any award redemption.

Roland, BOSS, and Edirol redemptions are covered by warranty for a period of 12 months. Exceptions for this are the BOSS compact pedal, and Atelier products and HP, KR, RG, RD, RP, and DP series digital piano models which have five (5) years cover.

Special Notes

In the event of any dispute, the management of Roland Corporation Australia will be the sole arbitrator. Their decision will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.

Any member who submits false or misleading sales data will be disqualified from the program and all points balances cancelled immediately. Any awards claimed where sales data is later proven to be false or misleading will be subject to legal recovery.

Roland Corporation Australia will not accept any liability or responsibility in regard to product availability.

Roland Corporation Australia takes no responsibility for mail or faxes not received by the deadlines.

Roland Corporation Australia accepts no responsibility for any Commonwealth or State tax liability that may arise either from the member’s registration in and/or the acquisition of goods as awards through the Roland VIP EXPRESS incentive scheme. Liability for any awards received remains the sole responsibility of the recipient or recipient’s employer.

Roland Corporation Australia reserves the right to alter or terminate the program at anytime.

By signing up to Roland VIP program, you are agreeing to receive information from Roland Corporation Australia such as latest news, important notices and special offers. If you wish to opt out of receiving such information, contact rca.customerservice@roland.com Full Privacy Policy can be viewed at www.rolandcorp.com.au

Roland Corporation Australia’s staff or their families are not eligible to participate in the VIP EXPRESS incentive.

Roland Rental products are not eligible for the Roland VIP EXPRESS program.

Make it Roland and Make it Yours!

I Agree to the Rules and Conditions governing the Roland Corporation Australia VIP EXPRESS Incentive Program and accept full responsibility for adherence to same.